Introduction: Into My Mouth - A Food Blog

WooHoo, it's the New Year and I'm getting my blog started. The impetus is to have a place to digest Culinary School which starts in April.
When I was a kid I would sit home and watch a cooking show called "The Galloping Gourmet." Anyone remember him? I would pretend to be the chef, cooking and talking to the camera while I worked. Since those early days I've had many careers, most recently medical social work which I have a Masters degree in. Working with people who are afflicted with various diseases really helps me think about the importance of not having pesticides in my food and cooking in ways that increase the immune system.
One of the cookbooks I read, oh gads, must be 15 or 20 years ago was Laurel's Kitchen. This totally changed the way I cooked and ate. I just quit buying prepared food - no more Hamburger Helper or Frozen Pot Pies (ah, but the nostalgia lives on) and no more margarine. And what do you know, I found out that I could cook after all!
I eat a mostly vegetarian diet but don't peg me as someone who makes a lentil loaf tofurkey for Thanksgiving - I would have no friends! I love having a glass of wine and puttering away in the kitchen (will they let me have a glass of wine while in culinary school, it really does help one cook you know?).
My partner Dylan has been a BIG influence on my cooking as well. She is an amazing cook in her own right and has taught me many wonderful recipes. She has opened my palette to things like cooked cauliflower (which I claimed to hate until she snuck it into some Indian dish and I exclaimed "this is great! what's in it?" She doesn't believe me anymore when I say I don't like something.
Lastly, I love reading all the food blogs! I hope I can contribute to the community!
May what goes into your mouth this year be profoundly yummy!

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