A Kitchen on Fire

Okay, this video really tripped me out. I knew you were not supposed to put water on an oil fire but I did not know this is what would happen if you did. The video seems to be some sort of British Public Service announcement. It's short but very powerful. I certainly won't forget what to do if I'm ever in this situation.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I tried this experiment when I was about 11 years old. Popcorn in oil on the stove, it was catching the wall paper on fire so I panic'd and through water on it. Not pretty!

Wish I had seen this video back then.

Drake Cameron said...

Woah, I'm so sorry. That sounds very traumatic. I'm sure at that age I would have done just what you did. I had a room mate once who threw gas on a charcoal grill to get the flames going. Well, the flames traveled right up that line of fuel to the gas can, which she then dropped, and the deck caught on fire. We were able to put it out with a fire extinguisher but there was some damage and my heart was racing! Fire is scary stuff!